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The Transformative Effects of Giving Back

2020-01-14T16:12:54-06:00About Faultless Healthcare Linen - Blog Posts|

Giving back can be transformative for the associate experience; essential for the growth and wellbeing of the people, businesses and non-profit service organizations around you; and the building blocks of the quality of life you want for you, your family and community.

Comfort Aids in Health Recovery, Consumer Choice

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An example of a big return on a small investment. A Comfort Care gown can make a dramatic impact on the patient’s impression of the facility. More importantly, it can enhance the patient experience in a way that also aids in health recovery. Comfort matters.

Healthcare Linen Performance Standards

2019-08-19T15:04:39-05:00About Faultless Healthcare Linen - Blog Posts, Compliance Assurance - Blog Posts|

Four performance standards that will take your healthcare linen program from headache to happiness

Healthcare linen is the most touched medical supply item before it gets to the patient or treatment room, while it is in the room and after it leaves the room. Its safety, quality, availability and cost affect everything from customer satisfaction to your license to operate. Look for these four performance standards to give you the peace of mind you should expect from your medical laundry program.

What the Minimum Wage Increase Means For Your Nursing Home Medical Laundry Needs

2019-07-31T14:10:29-05:00About Faultless Healthcare Linen - Blog Posts, Cost Management Advantage - Blog Posts|

How a higher minimum wage could impact your senior living community specifically on the topic of the medical laundry process.

Senior Living: Equipment Cost vs. Outsourcing

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If you are considering making the switch from providing in-house medical laundry at your senior living community to outsourcing your medical laundry to a team like Faultless Healthcare Linen, we understand there are many things to consider! Factors such as utility costs, equipment repairs and labor needs can make assessing the financial scope of outsourcing tough.

Faultless Earns Gold Environmental Water Award Four Years in a Row

2019-06-06T15:54:43-05:00About Faultless Healthcare Linen - Blog Posts, Compliance Assurance - Blog Posts, The Faultlesss Difference - Blog Posts|

We are proud to announce that all three of our Missouri healthcare linen-only facilities recently received Gold Awards from the Missouri Water Environment Association (MWEA) for the fourth year in a row! The gold award recognizes organizations that adhere to strict environmental water regulations and safety guidelines.

New Healthcare Laundry Facility

2020-01-14T16:09:04-06:00About Faultless Healthcare Linen - Blog Posts, News|

If you live/work in St. Louis then you may be aware that that the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA), one of St. Louis’ largest employers, announced in 2016 that it was staying in the City of St. Louis and building its new headquarters there. Of course, we were thrilled for the city because of the huge economic benefits it brings! Now you’re probably wondering, what does Faultless have to do with the new NGA building?

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