History of our HLAC Laundry Company

Faultless Linen Location on BroadwayPlease take a few moments to learn more about the history of our HLAC laundry company. In 1896, Samuel and Cora Spence opened the doors of the Crescent Laundry company in downtown Kansas City.  Their first clients were mainly bachelors who didn’t want to wash their own collars, cuffs, pants, and shirts. 

Old Days at Faultless LinenAt the turn of the century, Samuel bought Faultless Laundry and brought both divisions of the company under our Faultless Linen name. Over the years, our medical laundry company has experienced sensational growth and several generations of the Spence family involved in the business.

aultless and Kansas City in the 1960sFaultless Linen began the strategy of acquiring smaller businesses in new markets in 1958 when Jack Spence bought Kansas City Towel Supply. Another purchase came in 1973 with the buying of Hamilton Towel Supply in Denver, Colorado.

Faultless Office Medical Linen CompanyIn 1977 Faultless bought Nuway in St. Joseph, Missouri and continued to pick up extra routes and customers from competitors across the Midwest.  In 1979, with the number of clients expanding to include more hospitals and medical facilities, a state-of-the-art plant was built in Kansas City at the corner of 19th Terrace and Brooklyn Avenue.

early days at FaultlessThe fourth generation of the Spence family started working for Faultless during the 1970’s, 1980’s and 1990’s when John, Jr., Bob, Mike, Nancy, Susan and Mark Spence joined the management team.

Old Times at Faultless LinenToday, the fifth generation of the Spence family is involved in the success of our healthcare laundry services.  Now with well over 525 employees, Faultless Healthcare Linen is proud of the excellent teamwork and commitment found in our team of employees.

Faultless Healthcare Linen - medical laundry serviceAlthough many members of the Spence family are actively involved in the management of the company, they are not the only ones to boast of having generations of family employed at Faultless.  Many employees have stayed with the company for 25 years or more, and there are second and third generations of families who have earned their livelihoods at Faultless.

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Faultless Healthcare Linen’s facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art technology that delivers the highest-quality in linen safety.

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