Faultless Linen Solutions for Nursing Homes

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COVID-19 has been a devastating experience for many nursing home administrators who still face a confounding array of problems. A few strategies, like outsourcing medical linen laundering to a healthcare linen-only service provider, can provide relief to many of those concerns. Even so, all strategies will have to measurably prove their performance to help meet the present nursing home crisis head on.

Solutions for Behavior Health Provider Challenges

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Behavioral health providers face challenges unique to their patient population in safety, infection prevention and cost management as well as in patient and staff satisfaction. Faultless Healthcare Linen, an ImageFIRST Company, knows these challenges very well and does its part of meet them while easing the workload of hospital professionals with its fully managed medical linen program customized to the behavioral health environment. It is needed now more than ever.

Effective Hospital Curtain Management Enhances Infection Prevention

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Medical privacy curtains are a vector for infection. Their effective management – timely laundering in a manner that reduces pathogens to a level that does not pose a threat to patient health – is an essential part of any hospital’s infection prevention program. This is more important than ever as health systems labor to rebuild hospital admissions while the pandemic continues to rage and consumer risk tolerance remains low.

Mat Programs Reduce Spread of Contaminants, Aid Hospital Cleanliness Programs

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This winter season brings with it a time when the novel coronavirus COVID-19 is spreading more rapidly than at any other point. Hospital infection prevention professionals are more focused than ever on minimizing the spread of bacteria and sanitizing common points for infection, like hospital floors.

Reusable Microfiber Solutions Step Up in Disposable Wipes Shortage

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Faultless Healthcare Linen’s comprehensive microfiber mops rental and laundry program provides a solution for hospital’s environmental services and housekeeping departments.

Linen Risk Assessment: The new tool that assesses medical linen infection risk in the COVID era

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If you are a healthcare provider looking to lower the spread of COVID-19 you now have a tool – the Linen Risk Assessment from Faultless – to help you learn where your facility may be at risk with your medical linens as a source of exposure.

Better Secure the Safety of Your Staff and Their PPE

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With the pandemic continuing to impact our communities, it is important for medical facilities to examine and amend as needed their scrub, lab coat, isolation gown and other personal protective equipment (PPE) protocols and standards to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, increasing staff and patient safety.

Infection Prevention

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Faultless Healthcare Linen is monitoring the Covid-19 situation closely. In a time of uncertainty you can be confident that Faultless Healthcare Linen operates at the highest standards, assuring you and your patient community that your medical linens are clean and safe.

Healthcare Linen Performance Standards

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Four performance standards that will take your healthcare linen program from headache to happiness

Healthcare linen is the most touched medical supply item before it gets to the patient or treatment room, while it is in the room and after it leaves the room. Its safety, quality, availability and cost affect everything from customer satisfaction to your license to operate. Look for these four performance standards to give you the peace of mind you should expect from your medical laundry program.

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