Hospital Cost Management

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The success of a hospital’s healthcare linen cost management is heavily dependent on employee education and training as well as the quality of the facility’s linen service provider. Faultless Healthcare Linen, an ImageFIRST company, knows this only too well. With health system resources stretched, and particularly taxed during the pandemic, the cost management solutions Faultless brings to its hospital partnerships are more important than ever.

Faultless Linen Solutions for Nursing Homes

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COVID-19 has been a devastating experience for many nursing home administrators who still face a confounding array of problems. A few strategies, like outsourcing medical linen laundering to a healthcare linen-only service provider, can provide relief to many of those concerns. Even so, all strategies will have to measurably prove their performance to help meet the present nursing home crisis head on.

Reusable Isolation Gowns Outperform Disposable

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One finding that emerged amongst all the medical supply chain disruption in the last year is the efficacy of reusable medical isolation gowns. Save costs, serve the environment and protect your healthcare workers and medical professionals with a full-service Isolation Gown Rental & Laundry Program from Faultless Healthcare Linen.

Solutions for Behavior Health Provider Challenges

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Behavioral health providers face challenges unique to their patient population in safety, infection prevention and cost management as well as in patient and staff satisfaction. Faultless Healthcare Linen, an ImageFIRST Company, knows these challenges very well and does its part of meet them while easing the workload of hospital professionals with its fully managed medical linen program customized to the behavioral health environment. It is needed now more than ever.

Reusable Microfiber Solutions Step Up in Disposable Wipes Shortage

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Faultless Healthcare Linen’s comprehensive microfiber mops rental and laundry program provides a solution for hospital’s environmental services and housekeeping departments.

What the Minimum Wage Increase Means For Your Nursing Home Medical Laundry Needs

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How a higher minimum wage could impact your senior living community specifically on the topic of the medical laundry process.

Senior Living: Equipment Cost vs. Outsourcing

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If you are considering making the switch from providing in-house medical laundry at your senior living community to outsourcing your medical laundry to a team like Faultless Healthcare Linen, we understand there are many things to consider! Factors such as utility costs, equipment repairs and labor needs can make assessing the financial scope of outsourcing tough.

Don’t Leave Your Senior Living Staff’s Health to Chance

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Don’t Leave Your Senior Living Staff’s Health to Chance

Don’t risk staff injury; give Faultless Healthcare Linen a call and learn how you can outsource your senior community’s laundry to keep staff safer and reduce your community’s number of workers compensation claims.

Senior Living Facility Laundry Provider

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Why your senior living facility needs a healthcare linen laundry provider:

Big changes are coming that may affect senior living facilities- are you ready? Of course, your senior living facility currently has a laundry system in place, but now more than ever is the time to determine if it really is efficient or if outsourcing is the best option. If you’re managing your organization’s laundry now, you need to prepare for it to become a larger need in the future.

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