Better Secure the Safety of Your Staff and Their PPE

Linen is considered a ‘fomite,’ meaning it is capable of carrying infectious agents such as bacteria, viruses or fungi, and be involved in their transmission. The novel coronavirus COVID-19 can live on linen for six to 12 hours, according to TRSA. With the pandemic continuing to impact our communities, it is important for medical facilities to examine and amend as needed their scrub, lab coat, isolation gown and other personal protective equipment (PPE) protocols and standards to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, increasing staff and patient safety.

A trend gaining increasing urgency is healthcare providers no longer allowing medical staff to launder their scrubs at home. In fact, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations prohibit home laundering of PPE such as lab coats and isolation gowns.

In its Guildelines for Surgical Attire, the Association of periOperative Registered Nurses (AORN) recommends that scrubs and PPE attire be laundered at a healthcare-accredited laundry facility after each daily use and when contaminated. An article in a 2015 issue of The AORN Journal cited home laundering risks including home washing machines becoming contaminated with infectious agents, the machines being unable to achieve the thermal and chemical measures to reduce microbial levels in scrub and PPE attire and the resulting risk of bringing contaminated healthcare apparel back into the medical facility environment after home laundering.

Better Secure the Safety of Your Staff and Their PPE

Safe and Clean

Medical linen is the most touched hospital supply item. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), ensuring medical laundry is hygienically clean is crucial to minimizing the spread of pathogens. Faultless Healthcare Linen goes beyond hygienically clean in earning and operating to the standards of all of these critical certifications or accreditations: TRSA’s Hygienically Clean, HLAC and Infection Control University. We launder medical scrubs, and all personal protective equipment like lab coats and isolation gowns, in our healthcare linen-only facilities, assuring that all your medical linens are safe and clean.

Isolation Gown and Other PPE Shortages Require Extra Vigilance

Before you can laundry it, you have to have the PPE on hand and shortages continue to plague the industry due to COVID-19. Healthcare providers increasing their staff protection by adding isolation gowns to their healthcare apparel program are vulnerable to fraudulent products, abundant on the market this year due to industry shortages. Be assured of the quality you expect by requesting the specification sheet of any isolation gown program you are considering selecting.

What You Need When and Where You Need It

A healthcare facility will earn greater adoption among staff of its linen infection prevention program when they see not only is the apparel reliably sanitized but available when, where and in the sizes they need. Staff complaints about missing sizes; unauthorized personnel or guests using personal protective apparel; constantly replacing missing scrubs, lab coats and isolation gowns; these problems and more are solved with Faultless Healthcare Linen’s scrubs solutions.

Faultless’ full-service program picks up soiled healthcare apparel, hygienically cleans and delivers it, using barcode technology to automate accurate inventory management so you always have the right personal protective apparel in the right sizes at the right time.

This safe and proven technology allows for fast scanning of multiple items simultaneously, providing accurate, real-time reporting and analysis, assuring you always have the right sizes on hand. This is true for your choice of inventory management program whether individualized by staff member or by size.

Essential Product Quality

Staff satisfaction only increases when they know they can trust the product; one that includes color-fast fabrics to preserve color vibrancy and have a quality you have to feel to believe. Available in a variety of styles, colors, sizes and fabric, Faultless Healthcare Linen comprehensive, fully managed personal protective apparel, scrubs and medical linen laundry program allows medical facilities to focus on what is important to them – patient safety, staff safety and satisfaction, good clinical outcomes and a well-run institution that garners patient trust and referrals.

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