Solutions for Behavior Health Provider Challenges

Healthcare Linen Solutions for Behavior Health Provider Challenges

The COVID-19 pandemic has delivered challenges to behavioral health providers by increasing the demand of behavioral health organizations while shrinking their patient capacity. Fifty-two percent of behavioral health organizations have seen an increase in demand since the pandemic began, according to a September 2020 National Council for Behavioral Health.1 They also have experienced shrinking capacity as reported by Stat News2 in December 2020, “The Covid-19 pandemic has dramatically cut the availability … with facilities across the country forced to reduce their capacity to meet social distancing requirements, stem outbreaks of the virus, or repurpose psychiatric beds to care for the surge of COVID-19 patients.”

Behavioral health providers face challenges unique to their patient population in safety, infection prevention and cost management, as well as in patient and staff satisfaction. Faultless Healthcare Linen, an ImageFIRST Company, understands these challenges and does its part to address them, while easing the workload of healthcare professionals with its fully managed medical linen program customized to the behavioral health environment. It is needed now more than ever.

Demand for behavioral health treatments was on the rise long before the pandemic emerged.

A 2019 American Hospital Association TRENDWATCH report3 noted the telling data:

Behavioral health disorders affect nearly one in five Americans and have community-wide impacts.

Additionally, one out of four patients admitted to a general hospital also has a behavioral health diagnosis.

Approximately one in eight ED visits involves behavioral health conditions.

People with behavioral health disorders are more likely to have other chronic medical conditions such as asthma, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and stroke than those without a mental illness. In addition, those with physical health conditions (e.g., asthma or diabetes) also report higher rates of substance use disorders and “serious psychological distress.”

As a result, those with behavioral health disorders – and co-occurring physical health conditions – are likely to use more services, such as hospital and ED care, which increases costs.

Estimated spending for behavioral health treatments.


Faultless offers Behavioral Health Providers solutions to those challenges:

Cost Savings Solutions

Faultless Healthcare Linen has a cost management plan for providers of mental health services with its fully managed hospital linens program. For example, Faultless inventory management automatically tracks usage by department. That budget management tool is just one of many used by each Faultless Customer Advocate who, acting as a member of your team, regularly makes recommendations based on patient census.

Faultless addresses staff efficiency with its pre-packed bundles which, compared to bulk, eases the distribution and management of its full line of behavioral health medical linens – bed linens including fitted safety sheets and bed pads, as well as bath linens.

Increase Staff and Patient Satisfaction

In addition to cost management, both patient satisfaction and that of staff are attended to with Faultless Healthcare Linen’s quality, color-fast scrubs, adult and pediatric gowns, and aprons. Its color-by-discipline scrubs and ScrubVAULT® Scrub Management System4 is lauded by staff professionals seeking a quality product. Every scrub is hand-inspected prior to delivery and the RFID chips in every scrub ensure automated and accurate tracking so your staff will always have scrubs when they need it.

Strengthen Infection Prevention Program

Perhaps one of the biggest challenges in health care settings is still infection prevention. The risk of healthcare-associated infections is a concern in every acute care system. Each day, approximately one in 31 U.S. patients has at least one infection in association with his or her hospital care. According to an Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology (APIC) abstract5, patients with mental illness may be at an increased risk for infection. The unique practices of the various treatment settings, as well as the behaviors of the clients themselves, can lead to a heightened risk for transmission to other clients and staff.

Medical linen – before it enters a patient room, while in the room, and after it leaves the room – is the most commonly touched hospital supply item. Faultless is the only healthcare linen-only medical laundry service in Missouri and Kansas certified in operating to the standards of TRSA’s Hygienically Clean, HLAC accreditation, Infection Control University, and AORN (Association of periOperative Registered Nurses) standards, assuring that all your medical linens safe and clean.

Faultess Healthcare Linen knows behavioral health.

Make our Customer Advocate a part of your team to help you manage costs, strengthen your hospital’s infection prevention program and increase satisfaction among patients and staff. Call Faultless Healthcare Linen today at 800.676.2373

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