Healthcare Linen Performance Standards: Hygienically Clean (HC) certification
Healthcare Linen Performance Standards: HLAC (Healthcare Laundry Accreditation Council) certification
Healthcare Linen Performance Standards: Infection Control University
Healthcare Linen Performance Standards: TRSA Clean Green certification

Four performance standards that will take your healthcare linen program from headache to happiness.

Healthcare linen is the most touched medical supply item before it gets to the patient or treatment room, while it is in the room and after it leaves the room. Its safety, quality, availability and cost affect everything from customer satisfaction to your license to operate.

Look for these four performance standards to give you the peace of mind you should expect from your medical laundry program.

1. Audit-ready.

State audits can happen at any time. You can be assured of your readiness to show compliance with these three initiatives.

  • Third-party certifications. These certifications, which relate to the cleanliness of your product, the efficacy of your processing cycle, your team’s infection prevention education and your environmental impact, help auditors know you meet or exceed their standards of compliance.
  • A custom Compliance Book can have the healthcare linen information you need at your fingertips in the case of a sudden audit. This book has the information you require for your medical laundry program, including the essential Laundry Compliance Checklist.
  • A State Audit Laundry Compliance Checklist can include the most common elements you will need to produce during an audit such as:
    • Accredited healthcare laundry plant tour checklist
    • Quality control and reject procedures
    • Blood-borne pathogens and exposure control plan OSHA Standard 29 CFR 1910.1030
    • Wash formula
    • Accreditation certificates

2. Upgraded and safe.

Patient safety and satisfaction are affected by the quality of the linen as well as the assurance that it is clean and safe every day. Look for:

  • Upgraded linen. Your healthcare linen provider can offer not only quality
    medical linens but a variety of styles and fabrics that can enhance any patient experience.
  • Certified, healthcare linen-only laundry. A certified provider exclusively
    focused on medical laundry:

    • Only launders healthcare linen. There is no mixing with uniforms and other linens that can come with the industrial smells and debris from the automotive, restaurant and other business sectors.
    • Tests linen samples quarterly. This third-party evaluation ensures that the team, processes and equipment deliver the safest linen to their healthcare customers.
    • Is at the forefront of the healthcare linen industry and early to market with upgraded linen, certifications standards and best practices.

3. Cost-effective.

Differing pricing models can make your total cost difficult to understand and effective linen management seem elusive. You can get the cost management advantage in in just a few steps:

  • Usage tracking. You should be able to track your linen use from the time it is
    delivered to the time it is picked up.

    • Ask for an easy-to-use, digital inventory control solution.
    • Learn from your medical laundry provider how to easily input the data most helpful to your facility so you can generate custom reports whenever needed to manage inventory.
    • Request in-service training to onboard your new employees and bring linen management best practices to current staff.
    • Use reporting to proactively manage your inventory, thus controlling your costs.
  • Transparent, custom billing. Get a customized billing model that meets your
    needs. A lower per unit price doesn’t always translate into a lower total cost. When you require billing transparency, you can make better decisions on how to manage your inventory, and ultimately achieve the cost management advantage.

4. Prepared.

Know your medical laundry provider’s contingency plan for every scenario and be confident you will always have the inventory you require at all times. In the case of natural disasters, man-made catastrophes, inclement weather and more, know the emergency readiness solutions for:

  • Capacity redundancy – other healthcare linen-only plants in locations that will
    serve as back up
  • Staff support – plans in place to extend hours and/or bring in competent
    temporary staff as needed
  • Equipment redundancy – generators and other equipment on hand to provide
    uninterrupted electrical service

You can expect more from your medical laundry program. Making sure you have service in place that meets or exceeds standards for patient safety and satisfaction can be a headache. However, there is a solution when you have best practices working for you that address compliance; safe, clean and upgraded linens; transparent cost management and contingency protocols.

Now more central Midwest facilities can benefit from an expert medical laundry program partner. Faultless Healthcare Linen recently added the Wichita, Kansas, area to its service territory which reaches west through Emporia and El Dorado to Hutchinson from Kansas City, throughout Missouri and east to the greater St. Louis area.

Faultless Healthcare Linen is the only healthcare linen service provider in Missouri / Kansas with all four critical certifications assuring auditors that your facility meets or exceeds their standards of compliance. With an upgraded linen selection, certified best product and process practices, technology that lets you gain the cost management advantage with control over your inventory and assurance you will always have the right product in the right amount at the right time, Faultless gives you the peace of mind you are looking for.

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Compliance Assurance

Faultless is the only healthcare linen service provider in Missouri and Kansas with four certifications. Learn more about how we keep linens safe and clean.

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