An Infection Prevention Checklist for the Most Touched Hospital Supply Item

HAIs account for 27 million additional hospital patient days annually according to the CDC with each infection costing a hospital an average $20,000 to $25,000.

Did you know that healthcare linen is the most touched hospital supply item before it gets into the patient room, while it is in the patient room and after it leaves the patient room? Faultless Healthcare Linen processes more than 1.5 million pieces of linen each week or about 18,000 pieces per hospital.

Don’t let hospital linens be the culprit in your HAIs. Tour your healthcare laundry services provider’s plant. Download our checklist and know what you should be looking for to assure you did everything you could to prevent infection with the most touched hospital supply item in your facility.

Download our Accredited Healthcare Laundry Plant Tour Checklist!

Infection Prevention Checklist
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Compliance Assurance

Faultless is the only healthcare linen service provider in Missouri and Kansas with four certifications. Learn more about how we keep linens safe and clean.

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