Reusable Microfiber Solutions Step Up in Disposable Wipes Shortage

Reusable Microfiber Solutions Step Up in Disposable Wipes Shortage

Supply chain disruption is yet another challenge healthcare providers face as they work to minimize the spread of pathogens and sanitize common points of infection in the COVID-19 era. Brand-name disposable disinfectant wipes remain scarce as hospitals and health systems turn to reusable microfiber solutions to help them meet their standards for infection prevention and control.

Clorox, the world’s biggest maker of disinfectant cleaning materials, recently announced that there will continue to be a shortage of its wipes and other products into 2021. Lysol antibacterial wipes and disinfectant sprays are similarly scarce. One of the reasons for the shortage – competition with personal protective equipment (PPE) production. For example, the polyester spunlace Seventh Generation uses in its wipes also are used to produce medical masks and gowns.

Faultless Healthcare Linen’s comprehensive microfiber mops rental and laundry program provides a solution for hospital’s environmental services and housekeeping departments.

Microfiber Mops

  • Are less work-intensive than conventional mops

  • Virtually eliminate cross-contamination during janitorial tasks
  • Drastically reduce chemical and water use while cleaning more effectively

An Infection Control Today (ICT) article reported that independent studies such as those published by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency show that fine microfiber was both laboratory and clinically tested and proven to remove up to 98 percent of bacteria and 93 percent of viruses from a surface using only water (no chemicals). In comparison, cotton fibers have been shown to remove only 30 percent of the bacteria and 23 percent of the viruses from a contaminated environmental surface.

“There’s no doubt that the use of these (microfiber) systems result in a much cleaner floor.”
Infection Control Today

The ICT article went on to state, “When most environmental services professionals speak of microfiber, they are usually referring to a flat mop floor cleaning system. These products are one-quarter the weight of traditional mops and allow the housekeeper to effectively clean a room 40 percent faster than they could with an old-fashioned string mop system. There’s no doubt that the use of these systems result in a much cleaner floor.”

Microfiber Mops  Provide A Cleaner Floor

A University of California Medical Center (UCDMC) case study reported that in testing, microfiber materials were able to penetrate surface pores and remove dust particles that conventional mops missed.

Bacteria Reduction
Traditional Mop VS Microfiber Mop


Bacteria culture taken after traditional wet mop cleaning show only a 30% reduction from precleaning. Bacteria culture taken after microfiber mop cleaning show a 99% reduction!

Faultless is a healthcare-linen only medical laundry certified in operating to the standards of TRSA’s Hygienically Clean, HLAC accreditation and Infection Control University. We launder medical personal protective apparel as well as all of our microfiber products such as the microfiber hospital mop in our healthcare linen-only facilities, assuring that all your medical linens and microfiber supplies are clean and safe.

Faultless Healthcare Linen’s quality microfiber products includes flat mops, towels, dust mops, string mops, strip mops, duster sleeves, mop bases and handles as well as buckets. With a laundering process that meets or exceeds Occupational Safety and Health Administration, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Healthcare Laundry Accreditation Council standards, and complies with The Joint Commission requirements, we offer environmental services and housekeeping departments the solution they need to minimize the spread of bacteria and sanitize common points of infection.

With the ongoing challenges of the pandemic, healthcare providers are looking to improve their infection prevention efforts and better contain the COVID-19 virus. Faultless Healthcare Linen’s comprehensive microfiber products and laundry program helps achieve this outcome, ensuring the safety of your patients and staff.

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