Price vs. Cost – Know The Difference

The price to launder healthcare linen is different than cost, and Faultless Healthcare Linen helps you distinguish between the two.

Whether you are looking at pricing by the pound or by the piece, if the quote seems too good to be true, it likely is because a lower unit price rarely equals a lower total cost.

There are a number of different pricing models for linen service which frequently include a variety of industry-standard ancillary charges. This can sometimes make the total cost difficult to identify or understand. Faultless can provide whatever type of billing you prefer and also will help you fully understand what your total cost will be.

Please contact one of our professionals to talk through the various billing models and ancillary charges that are most commonly seen.

Customized Billing Solutions

We work with you to customize a billing model that meets your needs. With an account manager to help navigate the process, we make sure that you always know who you can turn to if you have questions or the need to revisit the billing process.

Custom Performance Data

Report Card at-a-Glance

Custom Performance Data is like a report card – a summary generated for and shared only with you that highlights where you fall in terms of linen use and compliance. Acute Care reports show your Pounds Per Adjusted Patient Day and Pieces Per Adjusted Patient Day and then compare that usage to your peers on a monthly basis. It includes three-year trends and a compliance goal snapshot. If you haven’t yet received your custom performance data and seen how it compares to your peers, contact us at 800-676-2373.

Sample Report Cards

What Our Customers Say

“Larry, our delivery man, provides excellent service. He adjust linen based on request and assists with managing correct amounts based on our volume.”

Amy Vacek, SSM Physical Therapy, Warrenton, MO

“Ruben, our route service representative, is amazing! He is happy and has gotten to know the staff. We hate it when he can’t come. He is awesome!”

Mike Riley, Touchette Regional Hospital

“Stay as you are! Our delivery driver is awesome and handles our linen in a professional way. Also, Angela in A/R is very helpful and professional.”

Samir Hassan, Gateway Cardiology

“Faultless has always gone out of their way for us. It helps our business and we couldn’t do it otherwise.”

Chris Hales, Dr. Roger Jackson's Office