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Finding Hospital Laundry Savings

The success of a hospital’s healthcare linen cost management is heavily dependent on employee education and training as well as the quality of the facility’s linen service provider. Lackluster performance on the part of either can be contributing factors to findings in a TRSA report that stated, “Nearly 90 percent of all linen used in U.S. hospitals does not reach its useful life costing the healthcare industry more than $840 million annually.”¹

In a white paper, Hygienically Clean Linen in a Healthcare Environment, Hygienically Clean elaborated on TRSA’s point in stating that these linens are, “… taken out of service primarily because items are lost, abused or discarded when they could be washed and reused. Awareness of the negative impact on providers’ bottom line is growing. This is calling attention to the need for better clean linen handling.”²

McKnight’s Long-Term Care News underscored the situation, “Despite these significant figures, linen loss is part of business as usual for many hospitals and long-term care facilities, as staff and administrators struggle to manage numerous competing operational priorities.”³

Faultless Healthcare Linen, an ImageFIRST company, knows this only too well. With health system resources stretched, and particularly taxed during the pandemic, the cost management solutions Faultless brings to its hospital partnerships are more important than ever.

Effective Hospital Linen Cost Management

Return All Soiled and Damaged Laundry

Keep soiled linen out of the trash and biohazard bag. No matter how soiled or damaged, all linen – from hospital rooms, ORs, ERs and ambulances – should be placed in the soiled linen bag and returned for laundering. Healthcare linen laundry providers like Faultless that have all the top industry certifications and accreditations — Hygienically Clean, HLAC, Infection Control University and TRSA Clean Green – assure that your hospital’s linens are safe and clean.

Is the linen cut or torn? With Faultless, hospitals put their damaged linen in reject linen bags and send them back to us. Faultless credits the hospital for the unusable pieces – a cost-saving measure.

Educate Staff

Staff need to understand and appreciate the cost implications and your hospital’s policies on linen management. McKnight’s underscored this when it advised in an article, “Educate employees about linen management… reinforce the message that soiled linen should not be placed in red bags… Even a 2 percent to 4 percent reduction in par levels can have a significant impact on linen loss.”4

Faultless developed Faultless Customer University to provide continuing education for its hospital partners’ staff using short videos that highlight best practices in linen handling. This kind of continuing education resource can help hospitals not only cost manage its hospital linens but follow compliance standards and help prevent hospital-acquired infections.

Understand Price v. Cost

Different pricing models for linen service frequently include a variety of industry-standard ancillary charges so you will find that the price to launder hospital linen is usually different than cost. Faultless can help you distinguish between the two and help you make sure there are no hidden costs behind an attractive price per pound quote.

Faultless customizes the billing model to every client’s preference and works directly with them so they fully understand what their total cost will be. Billing transparency enables you to make better decisions on how to manage your inventory.

Follow the Data

An Infection Control Today article speaks to the need to apply digital tools and reporting to be effective in linen cost management. “Although reusable, healthcare linen needs to be managed statistically, just like other consumable medical supplies. The consistent use of linen management software will facilitate data-driven decisions about department par level quantities rather than those made on nursing perceptions of usage.”5

You should be able to track your linen use from the time it is delivered to the time it is picked up. Faultless’ inventory management automatically, digitally tracks usage by department – one of many budget management tools used by each Faultless Customer Advocate who routinely make recommendations to our clients based on patient census.

In addition, Faultless offers report card-like custom performance data. It is a summary snapshot for your eyes only that shows how your hospital performs according to Pounds Per Adjusted Patient Day and Pieces Per Adjusted Patient Day, compared to peers on a monthly basis and per three-year trends.

Hospitals save costs by prioritizing linen usage best practices such as working with Faultless Customer Advocates to retrain staff on linen-saving procedures and scheduling weekly, in-person quality control checks to review how linens are being handled per department..

Effective hospital linen cost management is about ongoing staff education and having the right partner who works with you to track your inventory and manage your par level.

Faultless Healthcare Linen knows linen cost management.

Faultless Healthcare Linen’s full-service, healthcare linen-only laundry program can be the cost management solution you are looking for. Call Faultless Healthcare Linen today at 800.676.2373 and let your Faultless Customer Advocate put together the right healthcare linen solution for you.

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