This is One Report Card You Look Forward To!

Your census audits + our graphical reports = your savings

With your hospital census data, Faultless Healthcare Linen produces a custom Report Card At-A-Glance that in an instant tells you in six graphs:

  1. How you compare to peer average and to the top performer in PPAPD for the previous month
  2. How you are doing this year compared to the previous year in PPAPD
  3. Your five-year PPAPD trend
  4. Your three-year trend in compliance goals of:
    • Sharps per 200,000 pounds
    • Soil variance
    • Clean linen audits or monthly trash pounds

Check out the below sample report card to see all the data we can provide you!

Sample Report Cards
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Cost Management Advantage

Faultless Healthcare Linen has a customizable billing model that ensures organizational needs are met while providing cost savings.

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