Think Before You Toss & Reduce Linen Costs

Ninety percent of scrubs, blankets and towels in hospitals don’t reach their useful life, but together we can fix this problem and help the healthcare industry save more than $840 million a year.

It starts with understanding that all linen, no matter how soiled, should be placed in the soiled linen bag and sent back to Faultless for laundering. Never throw soiled linen in the trash or in a biohazard bag! Faultless’ best practices and top industry certifications ensure that even the dirtiest linens can be laundered to hygienically clean standards.

What if the linen is cut or torn? Damaged linen should not be thrown away either. Damaged linen should be placed in the reject linen bag that hangs in a designated area in your hospital. The reject linen bag is sent back to Faultless, and your organization will be credited for the unusable pieces, saving you money.

Help your facility reduce its linen costs by educating staff on the importance of keeping linen out of the trash.

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Linen Utilization Flyer – Announcements

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Tip of the Month 6 Trashed Linen

Tip of the Month 6:
Trashed Linen

Tip of the Month 35 Reject Linen Bag

Tip of the Month 35:
Reject Linen Bag

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