Senior Living: Equipment Cost vs. Outsourcing

Outsourcing Cost Advantage

If you are considering making the switch from providing in-house medical laundry at your senior living community to outsourcing your medical laundry to a team like Faultless Healthcare Linen, we understand there are many things to consider! Factors such as utility costs, equipment repairs and labor needs can make assessing the financial scope of outsourcing tough.

Equipment (Maintenance and Repair costs)

As America ages and the number of seniors requiring assisted living communities continue to rise, organizations may find that the increase in residents is putting strain on their laundry equipment. To ensure that hygienically-clean linens are available when you need them, you may find that you need to purchase larger washing machines and dryers to handle growing volume. Unfortunately, new equipment isn’t cheap.

An increase in the number of residents isn’t the only reason you may need to purchase new laundry equipment. As equipment ages, it may not work as efficiently, costing you time and money on rising utility costs. The average lifespan of a commercial washer and dryer is 10-14 years; if you’re using older equipment, you may notice that the wash quality is diminished and dry times are taking longer. Before purchasing new equipment for your community, determine if it is more economical to outsource your laundry instead.


The U.S. Energy Information Administration reported that utility prices have already increased by two percent since last year; when your senior living community is doing medical laundry for hundreds of seniors, that increase in utility cost can really add up! Old, inefficient machinery can drive costs up even more. Dryers already account for 70 percent of utility costs, and if your facility is using an inefficient dryer you may need to run the cycle multiple times to fully dry linens.

The proof of how much water and electricity you can save by outsourcing is in the numbers: outsourcing your community’s medical laundry can reduce water use by 90 percent, reduce natural gas use by 50-60 percent and reduce electricity by 50 percent.

Not only will you save money by outsourcing, but you’ll help the environment too! Laundry facilities that are Clean Green certified like Faultless must report their energy and water use to prove that they use energy efficient equipment and processes, minimizing water, gas and electricity consumption. Outsourcing is a win-win!


If an increase in residents (and laundry volume) is putting pressure on your staff, now is the time to do the math and assess if it is more cost effective to hire additional staff, or outsource your medical laundry to Faultless.

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