Why your senior living facility needs a healthcare linen laundry provider:

Big changes are coming that may affect senior living facilities- are you ready?

Of course, your senior living facility currently has a laundry system in place, but now more than ever is the time to determine if it really is efficient or if outsourcing is the best option. If you’re managing your organization’s laundry now, you need to prepare for it to become a larger need in the future.

Read on as we discuss the key changes that are affecting senior living facilities and how outsourcing laundry can help.

1. Senior Living Communities are Facing Staffing Shortages

Staff recruitment and retention remains a key issue across all service industries, but there is a particular need for skilled nurses and post-acute care providers. Some labor reports and statistics even project the need for an additional 1.5 million new senior living staff in America by 2025.

According to Katie Smith, president and CEO of LeadingAge, a partnership of organizations that represent business, foundations and research groups in the aging services field, “Attracting and retaining a quality workforce is everything in our field. This is as true for frontline caregivers as it is for middle managers, senior executives and board members. With low unemployment, demographic changes, wage pressures juxtaposed with inadequate reimbursement and uncertainty about immigration policies, the challenges for aging service organizations are more pronounced than ever.”

2. You’ve Heard it Before…America is Aging

We often hear the term “baby boomers” and many already know how this population is affecting healthcare, but do you know exactly how much this group is going to grow? Currently, 74.1 million Americans are baby boomers, and by 2060 that number will reach 98 million. Many of these Americans will want or require a home in a senior living community, requiring more staff and resources.

3. Budgets for Senior Living Communities are Feeling the Squeeze

The combination of minimum wage increases and an uncertain future for the Medicaid program puts budget pressure on senior living communities. Longer life spans and ever-increasing health care costs have left an estimated 64 percent of the Americans in senior living homes dependent on Medicaid. With more than half of a senior living home’s revenue coming from Medicaid, a decrease to this program would dramatically affect staff and supplies.

Fortunately, your senior living organization can stay ahead of these challenges one way by reassessing operations such as laundry.

By choosing to outsource laundry services to a provider such as Faultless Healthcare Linen, you free overextended staff to work on what really matters: providing exceptional care to residents. By outsourcing your laundry services, you also may save money while ensuring that your residents’ linens aren’t just clean: they are hygienically clean. Contact Faultless Healthcare Linen today to learn how we can take the laundry burden off of your community’s staff and save you money.

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