Faultless Customer University

Educational and Training Videos

Watch educational videos on a variety of healthcare linen topics, designed to maximize linen utilization efficiency and control costs, all while assuring that you provide the best possible linens to your patients.

Video 1: Linen Utilization (TRSA)

Video 2: Linen Loss (TRSA)

Video 3: Unused Linen

Video 4: Non-Linen Items in the Soil

Video 5: Quality Control and Reject Procedure

Video 6: Meet Your Facility’s Linen and Laundry Provider

Video 7: Passive Warming

Video 8: Handling Soiled Linen (TRSA)

Video 9: Home Laundering Scrubs

Video 10: AORN Recommended Practice V

Video 11: Compilation Reel of Educational Videos

Video 12: Precautions for Handling Soiled Healthcare Linen