Celebrating Our Annual Community Giving Day

Community Giving Day

Faultless Healthcare teams recently paused in our business operations to carry out our company’s annual Community Giving Day. The day allows associates in all our locations to be together in spirit as they invest their time in supporting the most vulnerable in the communities where we work and live. This year’s theme: Takes more than a pandemic to stop us!

In St. Louis, associates joined in donating items, stocking the shelves and doing a little cleaning at St. Anthony’s Food Pantry, located in the basement of St. Anthony’s of Padua Church that has served its nearby neighborhoods since the 1860s. Today, needy residents can receive food, clothing and legal assistance from St. Anthony’s Food Pantry, appreciated for its open hand and spirit to all comers.

annual Community Giving Day
annual Community Giving Day
annual Community Giving Day

Faultless Healthcare Linen serves the healthcare community. We provide our customers fully managed linen and apparel laundry programs with comprehensive infection prevention laundering processes that meet or exceed OSHA, CDC and HLAC requirements.

In response to the impact of the novel coronavirus, our Kansas City associates, like our team in St. Louis, went outside of the good works in support of our health system clients and turned our attention to another pressing need – food. You learn quickly that COVID-19 is responsible for record numbers of new families seeking food assistance for the first time. It is humbling, sorrowing, gratifying work to contribute in any small way to ending food insecurity.

Harvesters The Community Food Network

Harvesters – The Community Food Network provides food and household-related products to more than 760 emergency food pantries, community kitchens, homeless shelters, children’s homes and others across 26 counties in Missouri and Kansas. Participating in a food drive for Harvesters, two Kansas City area plants held a week-long competition as to which could donate the most food.

annual Community Giving Day

It was close! Kansas City Acute brought in 1,314 pounds while Kansas City Specialty contributed 1,047 pounds. Together associates in the two plants gathered, literally, a ton (and them some) of food!

In this kind of competition, everyone comes out a winner.

It is no longer surprising that your family member or neighbor could, suddenly, find themselves in need of aid for food, shelter or clothing, assistance with healthcare bills or a job search. We have all seen the effect of natural disasters, economic downturns and other big events that can undermine a previously steady household. The COVID-19 pandemic has been called an economic and a humanitarian crisis. At Faultless Healthcare Linen, the magnitude of it drives us to action not just on our Community Giving Day.

This coming alongside others in need is captured in our parent company ImageFIRST’s Operating Principles. Known internally, lovingly as the “jelly donut,” this colorful wheel graphic describes our service vision, goals, values and purpose, the latter of which puts our associates and community first.

That is why we advance company-wide investment in the communities where we work and live and support individual associates who seek to make a positive difference in the lives of their co-workers, customers or neighborhoods. In these efforts, our desire is to bring last change for good.

We are heading into the coming holidays with warnings of the dual threat of flu and the coronavirus contagions. It is as opportune a time as any to be aware of and willing to be educated about our shared vulnerabilities – those readily seen and those more hidden – and values. Acting on them is one of the ways we can help our communities through whatever challenges we face.

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