Gown Enhances Patients’ Hospital Outpatient and Surgery Center Experience

It’s no secret that being comfortable during a hospital stay can improve a patient’s entire experience. In fact, in October, we shared studies and patient testimonials that support this very notion. Doctors, nurses and caregivers are continuously learning that a better way of increasing patient comfort exists. Details once thought of as incidental, such as a healthcare facility’s choice of linens, now are acknowledged for the high-impact role they can play in patient satisfaction. As a leader in healthcare linen, Faultless understands this which is why we are pleased to introduce our new Comfort Care hospital gowns for hospital outpatient departments and surgery centers.

Comfort Care gowns are designed to bridge the gap between function and comfort by providing patients with exceptionally comfortable, luxurious fabric while meeting the clinical needs of your healthcare staff. Patients appreciate the light yet warm weight of the fabric, how it mimics the feel of the clothes they enjoy at home and the full coverage and modesty that each Comfort Care gown provides. While comfortable and stylish, Comfort Care gowns also are practical. As always, our linens are designed with providers’ needs in mind. Comfort Care gowns are designed to accommodate a range of medical procedures. Plus, they are an integral part of Faultless’ healthcare linen-only laundry service.

Providers can choose from these premium gowns to fit each need and service area:

Plush IV Gown with telemetry pocket:

This lightweight gown features snaps on both shoulders so staff easily can access patients’ arms for IVs and has a telemetry pocket that allows wires to pass through the inside of the pocket, staying out of sight. The Plush IV Gown with telemetry pocket is perfect for:

  • Surgery

  • Any procedure requiring an IV line

Mammo Gown:

A unique way to set your practice apart, this shorter-length gown features the same secure styling as our other front wrap gowns in our plush, warm fabric. The short length is ideal for facilities that only need to access the chest/torso area and allows patients to keep on their own pants or skirt. The Mammo Gown is perfect for:

  • Breast centers

  • Mammography

  • Cardiology

  • Stress testing

Plush Scoop Neck Gown:

A great way to show your patients you care, this plush gown has a full cut to fit a variety of patients and can be worn as a front- or rear-opening gown for flexibility. The Plush Scoop Neck Gown is perfect for:

  • OB/GYN

  • Imaging

Plush Robe:

Enhance your patients’ experience by providing them with a spa-like robe with wrap-around attached belt and generous cut. So comfortable, they’ll forget they aren’t lounging at home! The Plush Robe is perfect for:

  • Imaging

  • Breast centers

  • Spas

Plush Robe-Style Gown:

A great mix between the Plush Robe and the Mammo Gown, this plush front-opening gown has a full cut so it can fit a variety of patients. Its wrap-around attached belt also provides easy access to the chest, making it ideal for:

  • OB/GYN

  • Imaging/breast centers

  • Oncology centers

  • Women’s health centers

Reversible Plush Gown:

This is our largest gown and the standard “do-all” gown. It has inside and outside ties to ensure complete coverage whether it opens in the front or the rear. The versatility of the Reversible Plush Gown makes it perfect for:

  • Family practice

  • Imaging

  • OB/GYN

Maternity gown:

With shoulder and front snaps for skin-to-skin and breastfeeding access, plus extra fabric designed to provide full coverage for a pregnant woman, the Maternity Gown is perfect for:

  • Mother and baby departments

A change as small as replacing your standard hospital gowns with any of our six Comfort Care gowns will not only enhance the patient experience but help elevate their overall perception of your facility, encouraging them to choose your facility over any other. In fact, we guarantee it! If your patients’ perception of your facility doesn’t improve at least 50% following your switch to Comfort Care gowns, Faultless will give you one free month of service.

Call one of our representatives today and learn how you can start improving your facility’s perception, patient comfort and overall patient experience today.

Comfort Care Hospital Gowns Now Available from Faultless Healthcare Linen
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