Proactive Customer Service

Our exceptional customer care and unparalleled expertise is the reason Faultless Healthcare Linen has been an industry leader in the laundry field since 1896.

Our service representatives are your advocates. They are dedicated to ensuring you have the highest quality healthcare linen in the quantities you need, when and where you need it.

A solutions-oriented team, they are there for you to:

  • Increase patient and staff satisfaction.

  • Deliver the Faultless cost management advantage with custom billing and performance data.

  • Assure the common information you require of us is at hand when audits arise.

  • Facilitate staff education thru Linen Awareness Days and Faultless Customer University.

Faultless Linen Inventory Control Solutions (FLICS)


Control Inventory = Control Costs

Faultless Linen Inventory Control Solutions (FLICS) tracks your linen use from the time it is delivered until it is picked up. You can input the data most helpful to your facility, generating customized reports whenever needed to manage your inventory.

Through FLICS, we also provide staff training and offer in-service events and educational opportunities regarding linen care and management.



Clean And Safe Laundering

Faultless Healthcare Linen is the ONLY healthcare linen-only service provider in Missouri and Kansas with ALL of these critical certifications assuring that your linens are safe and clean.

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Faultless Scrub Solutions

Faultless Scrub Solutions

Right-Sized Scrubs For The Right Person

Staff satisfaction, budget management and infection control are all hallmarks of the Faultless Healthcare Linen Scrub Solutions program that ensures each staff member has the right-sized scrubs when they need it.

Using a locker-based system on-site, staff deposit soiled scrubs into a central location. Clean sets of scrubs are then delivered directly to their personally-assigned locker using bar-code technology that tracks which garments go to which staff member. Scrub dispensing options also are available.

Our Scrub Solutions program offers peace of mind in the battle to eliminate hospital-acquired infections in that it follows to the AORN-recommended practice of having surgical attire laundered in an accredited laundry facility rather than washed at home.

Using a bar code garment system that tracks scrub usage, our Scrub Solutions software can generate reports for  your facility’s staff accountability and reliability reporting.

Faultless Delivers So Much More Than Laundry

Faultless can now help you with your direct purchase scrub and lab coat needs.

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Cubicle Solutions Curtain Management Program

Lower the Curtain on HAIs

A study from the American Journal of Infection Control found that 92 percent of cubicle curtains were contaminated with healthcare-associated infection (HAI) bacteria such as VRE, MRSA, C. difficile and more. An effective way to keep patient surroundings safe is to launder cubicle curtains regularly and in accordance with OSHA and CDC regulations.

However, we know that changing cubicle curtains is time-consuming, labor intensive and tracking the frequency of laundering can be difficult.

That is why Faultless Healthcare Linen offers Cubicle Solutions. Our cubicle management program provides a safe, effective laundering strategy that reduces your risk of cross-contamination and HAIs while saving time and money.

We enhance your infection control process by:

  • Providing a regular, pre-scheduled cleaning service of a facility’s cubicle curtains.

  • Tracking and reporting the cleaning history, thanks to our bar-coding system, which helps the overall management of curtains, including loss, organization and regular change out process.

  • Keeping you compliant with Joint Commission standards by establishing a laundering schedule for all isolation and non-isolation rooms.

  • Management and terminal cleaning of cubicle curtains that exceed infection prevention standards.

  • Improved safety for patients and staff with specially-designed curtains easily changed in seconds without a ladder or special tools.

Senior Living Laundry Solutions

Reduce Cost, Not Cleanliness

Of course, your senior living facility currently has a laundry system in place, but now more than ever is the time to determine if it really is efficient or if outsourcing is the best option. If you’re managing your organization’s laundry now, you need to prepare for it to become a larger need in the future. Minimum wage increases and an uncertain future for the Medicaid program combined with staffing shortages and the growing number of the elderly puts pressure on the already small budget of senior living facilities.

Fortunately, your senior living organization can stay ahead of these challenges by reassessing operations such as laundry.

By choosing to outsource laundry services to a provider such as Faultless Healthcare Linen, you free overextended staff to work on what really matters: providing exceptional care to residents. By outsourcing your laundry services, you also may save money while ensuring that your residents’ linens aren’t just clean: they are hygienically clean.

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Custom Performance Data

Report Card at-a-Glance

Custom Performance Data is like a report card – a summary generated for and shared only with you that highlights where you fall in terms of linen use and compliance. Acute Care reports compare your Pounds Per Adjusted Patient Day and Pieces Per Adjusted Patient Day use to your peers on a monthly basis. It includes three-year trends and a compliance goal snapshot. If you haven’t yet received your custom performance data and seen how it compares to your peers, contact your account manager or call us at 800-676-2373.

Sample Report Cards

Faultless Customer University

Staff Continuing Education

We understand your biggest concerns include the prevention of healthcare-associated infections, compliance and cost management.

Faultless Customer University provides continuing education for your staff through short videos that present on best practices in linen handling, trends in linen use and resources to stay apprised of the latest in linen management.

In addition to online education opportunities, Faultless hosts Linen Awareness Days on-site demonstrating best practices in linen handling directly for your staff and answer any questions that come up in their day-to-day practice.