Lower the Curtain on Healthcare-Associated Infections

Are your hospital’s curtains a cross-contamination risk? Did you know a study from the American Journal of Infection Control found that 92 percent of cubicle curtains were contaminated with healthcare-associated infection (HAI) bacteria?

Laundering cubicle curtains is effective at keeping patient surroundings safe. But changing curtains is time-consuming, and tracking laundering schedules on your own may be difficult.

That is why Faultless Healthcare Linen offers Faultless Cubicle Solutions. Our cubicle management program provides a safe, effective laundering strategy that reduces your risk of cross-contamination and HAIs while saving time and money.

Laundering cubicle curtainsHere’s how it works:

We offer cubicle curtains made of antimicrobial fabrics with our unique bar code technology that provides tracking and reporting of cleaning history along with overall management of curtains including loss, organization and regular change-out process.

In addition, our curtains can be changed in seconds without the hassle of step ladders and tools, thanks to snap panels. Our cubicle curtain solutions will reduce labor costs, improve safety, keep you compliant with The Joint Commission, and most importantly, will lower your risk for HAIs.

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